Moscow — Smolensk
August 20—24, 2012


From Landscape Archaeology to Archaeotourism

General Info

Conference aim: linking together different kinds of specialists interested in geomorphic and palaeoenvironmental aspects of archaeological studies, risk assessment and protection of archaeological sites and archaeological materials against environmental damaging processes of different nature (geomorphological, hydrological, pedological), and putting archaeological heritage into public domain.

Conference venue: Smolensk University for Humanities (SHU)

Official language: English, with limited translation assistance for local scientists.

Conference Topics:

  1. Geoarchaeological studies in Eurasia
  2. Human dimensions of Quaternary palaeoenvironments
  3. Local palaeoenvironment, natural resources and palaeo-land-use patterns of archaeological sites
  4. Alluvial geoarchaeology, palaeohydrology and paleopedology
  5. Natural hazards and geoarchaeology
  6. Preservation of geoarchaeological monuments, geotourism and archaeotourism
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